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No other sport is so totally dominated by statistics like professional baseball. ‘STAT ATTACK for PRO BASEBALL’ sorts through all the stats and isolates in on the ones that indicate if a team is going to win a game or not. The huge database that powers the program contains every game played since the 1999 season! It will find you the useful trends that foretell when a team is ready to win/cover. The program will instantly tell you which team, manager or pitcher has the best chance of covering at home or on the road. You select any combination of search options and the program will immediately display all games and results fitting the criteria you requested. Let ‘STAT ATTACK’ cut down your analysis time and let you hone in on the winners!

The PLATINUM version of STAT ATTACK contains all the research capabilities of the REGULAR and GOLD Desktop versions (including the automatic download of new data) PLUS it offers the new ‘All Teams’ search option.

With this option, if you want to know how every team has done as a home team underdog in your selected time frame, click on the ‘All Teams’ option and in about a minute you will have a listing of every team displayed in order of success against the spread as a home underdog. With the REGULAR and GOLD versions, you would be required to make individual searches for every team. The ‘All Teams’ option can be utilized with any combination of research options available. You will be able to reduce your research time by 75% to 90%. You will get more research done in far less time!

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