Baseball Apps: Air Cocomon LITE – Free Flight of the Monkey ‘s Coconut app

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‘It is a very simple game but very addicting.’
‘Overall, this is one of my most played games. It is just a really addicting game …’
‘Its fun and its addicting … Its all well put together.’

Air CocoMon is the newest, most addicting, and fun game available!!!

It is perfect for people in search of a simple game that can provide anywhere from two minutes of fun while waiting in line to hours of fun sitting on the couch trying to beat the latest high score! People of either sex and from all backgrounds, ranging from adults to teenagers to young children (family friendly for kids) will love the challenge of hitting the coconut as far as possible and watching it free fall from the sky. Find out why this game is called ‘Air’ Cocomon, and you will laugh for sure!

The story behind the game: A long, long time ago on a remote desert island, an intelligent monkey named CocoMon decided to invent an exciting and addicting game in order to fill his boredom: hitting a free falling coconut as far as he could! Humans observed CocoMon and brought his idea back to civilization. They called it baseball!

Help CocoMon hit the free falling coconut farther than any of your friends, and if you are really skilled, try to beat that score or the highest score of any other user!

– Air CocoMon is packed with entertaining graphics and fun animation that will inevitably put a smile or smirk on your face.
– Intuitive user interface and in-game tutorial to aid you while you play!
– Real physics behind coconut simulation from free fall, toss, launch, flight in the air, flight time, range, landing, bounce, free fall from bounce, drag, friction, shadow, etc.
– Submit your top scores online, see your rank online and compete with other scores.
– Entertaining background and sound effects – or listen to your own music on your iPod while playing.
– Facebook Connect to share what you are playing and brag your high score to your friends!
– Now you can post CocoMon link to Facebook with cute icon!

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