Baseball Apps: Baseball Trivia: Learn Baseball Facts & History – Powered by Wordsizzler app

An addictive brain game and word puzzle about baseball. Move letters around the screen to solve thousands of problems. It’s deceptively easy-looking but surprisingly challenging!

There are three Free Sample Games, one for each of the following in-app purchase products:
– Baseball Trivia – MLB History
– Red Sox Trivia – Boston Baseball
– Yankees Trivia – New York Baseball

Sample games have ten words each. Use in-app billing to buy the complete set of games for each product. Each complete product has thousands of problems at three levels of game difficulty.

– Find It: Identify neighboring letters to solve a problem
– Tear It Down: Remove letters to find the solution
– Build It Up: Drag letters up from the “pile” to solve the problem
– Up and Down: Drag letters between the top and the pile to find the answer
– Mix It Up: Rearrange the letters

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v Sound effects
v Progress report
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