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ScorePAD for the iPhone Version 4.0

Score baseball and softball
Populate lineups from stored rosters
Optionally download rosters and stats for MLB players
Manage rosters, including headshots and logos
Exchange rosters and games via email, WIFI or Bluetooth
Connect rosters to contact information
Spray charts superimposed over each at-bat
Undo scoring mistakes
Swap visitor and home teams
Make quick official scoring changes

ScorePAD Baseball Scoring

Tracks balls, strikes, fouls, pitch count
Tracks over 20 batting stats and 20 pitching stats
Tracks stats for each game and adds them to season stats
Touch efficient, quick, intuitive scoring

Lineup and substitutions

Pick lineups from players in roster with a few taps
Drag players up and down the lineup
Change lineups quickly
Enter little or no player information for other team
Use headshots and team logos


Box scores
Lineup sheets (for exchange with other teams)
You can email reports as PDF or print them via AirPrint

Optional stats package

Downloads MLB and Minor League stats directly your iPhone
You can subscribe to MLBStats at

Online support and tutorials


Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in iPhone mode
Requires iPhone 6.1 software update

Many questions are covered at – Frequently Asked Questions. A community iPhone forum is also provided.
Email support is also available

ScorePAD is a registered trademark of ScorePAD Sports, Inc.

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