Baseball Apps: AllStar Pro Baseball LITE : Practice app

AllStar Pro Baseball LITE : Practice

AllStar Pro Baseball LITE : Practice is a lighter version of AllStar Pro Baseball.

Practice FEATURES:
– Real Mode ( Practice )
– Batting Mode
– Pitching Mode

– This game with real baseball games which represent iPhone / iPod in gamer makes with the game which is the possibility love of receiving for a long time.

– This game correspond in gamer trends where it changes and with high Quality games they make.

– This game overcomes the limit of iPhone / iPod environment, it makes with scale of video baseball game degree.

– This game is having artificial intelligence in mobile baseball game of top.

– This game is having basic skill and special skill in mobile baseball game.

– To apply detail graphic where it is various, in the user impression presentation.

– Selection of the baseball game user it is various the game which it increases.

– The gamers who prefer the super hero it appeared the player of legend from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

– Realistic shock feeling, the highest level graphic , The sound which is realism.

– To apply the law of gravity, hitting time batted ball direction interpretation possibility.
– Batted ball direction embodiment 10,000 is not the batted ball direction which has become pattern.
– It applies the mode of 4 types and there is it will be able to play a fun for a long time and.
– 9 baseball park , 14 stuff , 12 Teams , Player of 264 people. It hides, the player of position 24 people.
– strike-out , safe , out , error , chase to the showers , nice catch etc. The animation production which it follows in the situation which is various.
– A diversity of game option.
1 button hitting / 3 button hitting, fielding position it changes in freedom, auto base running, auto fielding, simulation game, the lead, check a runner on the base, base stealing, Rundown Play, etc.
– Grip expression, hit zone indication and runner leading indication, detailed system reinforcement.
– Detail animation.
Take turns batting and fielding / The bat which breaks / The homerun after hitting, slap high-fives /
The action which the hitter it waits / The head of the pitcher it shakes and it moves / camera flash in stands diving catch / headfirst slide, feetfirst slide.
– Voice sound of amerian native speaker as feel of major league.

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