Baseball Apps: Baseball Expert Pitch 2016 – Practice To Be A Big League Baseball Superstar Pro app

MoKooL Apps is proud to introduce Baseball Expert Pitch. Now you can practice to be the next Big Leagues Star, and its all at your finger tips.

Baseball Expert Pitch bring you all the excitement and roar of a big baseball game, and you are the baseball superstar pitcher. This game is extremely addictive and keeps you coming back again and again, knocking down more and more pitches each time, trying to beat your highest score.

Getting close to achieving a new high score, but have run out of lives – click the “Save Me” button and continue playing. Never miss a new high score again, the Save Me are there to help you achieve a new high score again and again.

Download and play Baseball Expert Pitch! – and give us a 5 Star Rating if you love the game. We would really really appreciate it.

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