Baseball Apps: GameChanger Basketball, Baseball, and Softball Scorekeeping, Stats and Live Updates app

The GameChanger mobile app and website provide scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream updates and team management tools for thousands of amateur baseball, softball and basketball teams.


1. Teams keep score – A coach or team representative scores each game on the app.

2. We do the math – We generate advanced stats, shot charts and spray charts for every player, for every game.

3. Fans follow live – Parents, fans and local media can follow the action live on the GameChanger website or App.


GameChanger is free for coaches and scorekeepers (Team Admins). Our business is supported by parents and fans who purchase Premium Fan Access.


* Chosen partner of Little League International, Cal Ripken Baseball,, Perfect Game USA, Babe Ruth, ASA / USA Softball, Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL), GymRat Challenge, USSSA, and the National Pro Fastpitch league.

* Winner of ‘Best in Show’ at 2010 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention

* ‘A no-brainer’ – LA Times

* ‘GameChanger is the call.’ – NY Times

Free scorekeeping, stat and team management software for teams. Live updates and recaps for fans.


For Coaching Staffs and Scorekeepers:
* Create your team, schedule, roster and lineup
* Use our simple, intuitive scorekeeping and stat collection interface to record every play
* Make easy lineup edits and substitutions
* View in-app spray / shot charts, stats, pitch counts and foul totals during the game
* Customize your scoring experience to fit your league rules
* Send urgent messages to parents and players via Email or SMS
* Email or print an auto generated box score, scorebook, and scoresheet to your local paper, league administrator, or your opponent.

For Parents and Fans:
* Follow live animated GameStream with plays and stats
* Read instantly generated recap stories for every game
* Receive real-time alerts whenever your player is involved in the action

Visit your Team Page on the GameChanger Website:
* Follow the live GameStream, including live play-by-play and stats
* View post game box scores (basic and advanced)
* Read instantly generated Recap Stories after every game
* Sort 150+ season and game stats broken down for every player
* View dynamic spray charts or shot charts
* Share game updates via email, text, Facebook and Twitter

GameChanger is designed by a customer-focused team at GameChanger Media, Inc.

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