Baseball Apps: USA Baseball Scores – 2014 Free Edition app

Free live coverage of every American Baseball game, standings by Division, Conference and League, games with scores by week or by Team.

All the games show the time in timezone of your device, and you can enable more features with in-App purchases.

A lot of great features inside the app with In-App Purchase:
– Predictor:
Find out the probability of winning teams each week with Predictor, using advanced mathematical calculations and statistical analyzes, each week you will know the probability of each team in their games, classification for the playoffs and Champion, and you can still see the results of last week with the status of predictions Predictor.

– Calendar integration, add the games of your team to your calendar and do not miss any game of this season.


Download the app now that will keep you informed about everything that happens in season 2013 USA Professional Baseball League.

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