Baseball Apps: Home Run Hitters – Penguin Rush! Flick Baseball app

The adorable character from the million seller ‘??Penguin Rush’ is back in a new series ‘?HomeRun Hitters’!!
If you’re looking for simple, fun, yet addictive sports game, look no further!

HomeRun Hitters is a exciting new baseball game with simple swipe action. Level up by earning your coins, hitting farther homeruns, and upgrading your gears.
You will encounter 50+ fun packed maps to collect coins, gems. Collect all unpredictably hilarious bat collections, and compete with your friends!!
The fun never stops!!

? Intuitive and addictive gameplay
? Awesomely hilarious gear collection
? Facebook Connect enabled leaderboard
? Free future updates!

? When the ball is in the hit zone, swing your bat by swiping.
? Upgrade your gears from the locker room.
? Login to Facebook to compete with your friends!

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