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Pinch Hitter 3

In this baseball game you take your young baseball star from the junior leagues to the big time in this brilliant new baseball sim - now with career progression! This is already the third version of the popular Pinch Hitter game series and just like the previous ones it will take a real baseball talent to make it to the championship and win! Grab your bat and get ready for some good old baseball fun!

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  • Steve 7 years ago

    running is awful

  • 1. Running is horrible
    2.Catching is awful, you can barely catch the ball.
    3. Your never the home team for an odd reason
    4. I hit balls into the outfield and they want me to run it out and have the chnace to be out at first base for some reason.
    5. Overall, hitting is the only good thing

  • In my opinion, the game is fun, but very repetitive and long. I played through the entire game, all 10 years and I think your character should have more impact on the game and fielding and batting could be improved. Running is especially annoying and I think it should be easier to hit homers (i got 10 in juniors and then 1 in Minors and 1 in Majors.) Fielding could be made easier and I find it to be hard to catch balls and I lost my last World Series game because I couldn’t catch the line drives and gave up lots of runs. I also think they could implement stealing. Overall I do like the game, but it needs tweaking and there should be more excitement, also the game takes a LONG time, I started at 7:30-8 PM then played till 11 PM when I got tired and stopped. I started playing around 6:30 AM and finished 9:30 AM

    • jonathan 4 years ago

      i got 50 hr in junior 32 in minors and 41 in majors

      • I got 123 RBI in juniors, 48 HR, and a batting average of .978

  • I hit it over the line on the left side and that wasn’t a homerun. I still had to run and only made 1st base. Cost our team the win…

  • Rory O'Reilly 6 years ago

    I agree with everything they said except that i think that it is very easy to hit home runs idk what they’re talking about

  • Lucas 5 years ago

    The running is probably the worst ever.

  • Ethan 4 years ago

    A good game

  • It was riducoulous. my team was 6-0 until this game. I was up 9 to 2 into the ninth. it seems the game wanted me to lose because during the whole game I was doing everything right but I still got out alot because the running was not working. I kept on missing line drives also. But this pushed me over the edge. They started the ninth with bases load alright, but then it literally hit the ball to me 8 TIMES IN A ROW. I ended up losing 10 to 9. Otherwise it a good game.

  • No Name 4 years ago

    Running sucks
    Catching sucks
    Homers are hard after year 1. (I got 54 homers in year 1, then I got 10 homers the rest of the years)