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Swoopt is the #1 Daily Fantasy Sports App for real cash prizes! Enter into a fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball or fantasy hockey contest by drafting your Salary cap team with as few as 3 athletes – only 30 seconds of work to start winning real cash prizes today! Swoopt’s exclusive Quick 3 gameplay is perfect for your iOS device.

Whether you’re a fan of NFL Football, NCAAF College Football, NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball or NHL Hockey, Swoopt has live contests featuring your favorite sport to play and duel against your friends – there’s no more need to draft teams through Yahoo, ESPN or CBS Sports!

Swoopt is made for mobile and delivers the quickest daily fantasy sports games around. So what are you waiting for? Download for free and start raking it in!

Note: Apple is not a sponsor of the Swoopt contests. Swoopt only supports iPhone 4S and above.

What real users are saying about Swoopt:

“AMAZING! A top 5 app for me for sure.’ Jeremy, WI

“The Quick 3 and Gimmie 5 games are just flat out AWESOME”
Gabe, CA

“Quickest way to get my fantasy fix.” Will, KY

Every day, Swoopt gives any sports fan a fun and exciting way to test their fantasy sports skills. Whether you like fantasy football, baseball, basketball or hockey, Swoopt offers the quickest daily fantasy games for the NFL, MLB, NHL, and the NBA around. Every fantasy sport enthusiast knows Swoopt lets you enter into contests in less than 30 seconds with the opportunity to use your knowledge and skills to win real cash prizes daily!

Daily Fantasy Sports vs. traditional fantasy sports

Many players prefer Daily Fantasy Sports to traditional fantasy sports games. Here’s why:

1. No season-long commitment like that with CBS and Yahoo Sports. Jump in when you’re ready.
2. If you’re not happy with your team, there’s always another draft tomorrow (or later today).
3. One unlucky injury won’t ruin your entire fantasy sports season.
When you need to get your lineup in while you’re on the go, use Swoopt and enjoy the #1 mobile fantasy experience around where you can use your skills to win cash daily. Daily fantasy sports are way more fun than simple betting because fantasy sports are a skill based game that you participate in. Don’t make a bet and throw your money away – use your knowledge of the game to compete with other players live to earn real cash prizes.

How to Play Swoopt >>
Swoopt is a revolutionary way to play daily fantasy sports – we provide the quickest, easiest route for you to draft your team and win.

> 1. Find a Contest
Choose the contest that best fits your playing type. We offer three lineup sizes (Quick3, Gimmie5 and Full9) and a variety of contest sizes and payout structures. You can quickly and easily find the contest that’s right for you.

> 2. Draft as few as 3 Athletes
On the go and need to get a quick lineup in? Then go with our Quick3 action. Gimmie5 and Full9 games are also offered for a more comprehensive strategy.

> 3. Watch & Win
Follow your team’s score live during the game and see where you stand against your opponents. Get rewarded as soon as the contest is marked as final.

Unlike other 1-Day Fantasy Sports Leagues, Swoopt is made from the ground up to be a mobile daily fantasy sports app, meaning that you get everything you need, all in one app. Be the manager of your team, draft the best players and win big all from your iOS device. Get in the game and Download Swoopt today!

We’d love to hear your suggestions & feedback on how to improve our daily fantasy sports app! Please continue to send questions, suggestions and ideas to

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