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Stealing Home

Round the bases like the pros in this special base stealing skill challenge! See how many bases you can swipe before you're thrown out! Score as many runs as you can before making 3 outs. The game takes some practice to learn. To score points, run between bases without being tagged out. Use the right arrow key to run towards the next base, use the left arrow key to run back. Watch the steal meter during each pitch, the best time to run is when the meter is green. Tap X to get a lead. If the pitcher tries to throw the ball behind you, run back to the base! Press the down arrow key to slide near a base and avoid a tag. If you're trapped between bases, press the up arrow key before you're tagged to try a dodge. Tip: If the fielder drops the ball, try to run to the next base!

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  • Adrian 5 years ago

    Yo, I legit used to play this when I was a kid probably 14-15 years ago. I believe it was on a website called posterica or something similar (But now apparently something called Poptropica has taken over and it’s some weird other game world). Do you have the other baseball game that went along with this? You had to hit home runs and you could also pitch to players as well. Home runs got extra points if you hit the billboard.

  • james 3 years ago

    Hey so the game is saying that I am out even though I did get to the base and it’s doing it like every time I play it.