Zombie Baseball

12.12K Played0 Comments

Play some baseball and defend yourself from the incoming waves of zombies. A fun sporty mix of defense and killing zombies with your baseball bat. Press A or S at the right time to swing your bat and hit the zombie...

Ultimate Baseball

12.53K Played0 Comments

Warm up the swinging arm and try to hit as many home runs as you can before the timer runs out. Use Mouse or Spacebar to swing.

Jurassic Homerun King

2.10K Played0 Comments

This is a fun little baseball game that takes you back in time to the stone age. Even millions of years ago they found a way to play baseball, you just need a rock and a bat and you are good to go. In this game there ...

Big League Chew Baseball

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Enter this urban baseball field and show off your baseball skills! Instructions: Click on a target with the mouse. Hit the Space bar to stop the power meter on the sweet spot. Wait for the pitch and hit the Space...

Bloody Baseball

8.08K Played0 Comments

Grab a baseball bat and start killing the monsters baseball style. This baseball game has 5 stages, 5 unique enemies, RPG elements, bonus system, normal and survival mods.

Pinch Hitter 2

18.20K Played0 Comments

A solid baseball game in which you have to fulfill several tasks like hitting a home run to complete the level. Use the mouse to aim and click to swing your bat at the right time.

Super Baseball

8.93K Played0 Comments

Get the bigger score batting the balls that the pitcher is throwing you. This game is played with mouse only.

Slugger Baseball

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Grab your baseball bat and get ready for some arcade fun in this baseball game! A game of base ball where it's the goal to collect stars. Very simple yet entertaining. Use the mouse, click at the right time to swin...

Most Popular Baseball Games

State of Play Baseball

19.35K Played4 Comments

Another great baseball game, it's the bottom of the ninth, can you win it from here? The best baseball game for the web is free to play here. Batter up! Move your mouse to direct the aim of your swing. Click the Le...

Berzerk Ball

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Berzerk Ball is the expansion pack of the original Homerun Berzerk game. This includes a brand new design for the game with all new weapons, new special items and a hot new female character for you to play with. So gr...

Baseball Jam

8.90K Played0 Comments

A nice and simple pinch hitting baseball game, hit the ball right by swinging your bat at the right time. Use the mouse to move left and right, also to aim your bat by moving up and down. Click to swing your bat.

Power Ball

6.56K Played0 Comments

This is what you get when you cross baseball with tennis... How to play Power Ball. Press Z with perfect timing to hit the ball past your opponent.

Baseball Challenge

13.02K Played0 Comments

You've got some challenges to complete in this baseball game. Batter up, hit home runs, specific sections of the field and even the pitcher himself.

Chicken Little Batting Practice

7.16K Played0 Comments

Another fun baseball game, help Chicken Little score some homeruns.

Baseball Pro

18.59K Played1 Comments

Make as many home runs as possible in this addicting baseball game, which you can play on mobile as well. Try to time your shot as much as possible and achieve the highest score!

Baseball For Clowns

3.75K Played0 Comments

Hank was one of the best baseball player in the world before the clowns cheated him out the championship and try to ridicule him in front of his fans with there pie in the face humor. Help our baseball athlete get rid...

Pinch Hitter Game Day

13.41K Played3 Comments

Now you can play as the whole team in Pinch Hitter: Game Day! Can your team knock it out of the park?

Home Run Hitter

13.31K Played0 Comments

Step up to the plate and see how many home runs you can smack out of the park in this high score baseball game. Line up the target and hit the baseball with the mouse. The red blur on screen helps you time your swi...

Shatter Baseball

6.44K Played0 Comments

A nice kids baseball game with basic gameplay, just time your shot well and adjust the angle to get a perfect shot and earn bonus points. Use the mouse, click at the right time to hit the ball. You don't need to ad...

Super Slugger

13.64K Played0 Comments

The baseball game Super Slugger is a stylish home run derby competition set in the Sportsfly Stadium. Select your batter and go toe-to-toe with the four Sportsfly pitchers and their unique repertoire of pitches. Hit a...

Baseball Blast

8.92K Played0 Comments

A great baseball game with a twist, take to your neighborhood sandlot and smash home runs in Baseball Blast. Play a timed game of home run derby with a twist. Capture power-ups and earn extra balls to keep hitting. Tr...

Homerun in Berzerk Land

2.11K Played0 Comments

Homerun in Berzerk Land is a pretty violent game where you try to hit a geek of an ice peak, sounds simple right? But you also need to control the geek while he is flying trough the air to earn money and level-up to t...

Smash and Blast Baseball 2

25.32K Played0 Comments

Play the sequel to espn arcade's free online smash hit baseball game - smash and blast baseball 2! After the great Smash and Blast Baseball game there is now this follow up and it is great fun also. You need to play y...

7th Inning Smash

13.41K Played1 Comments

7th Inning Smash is a great baseball game in which you must destroy as many things as you can by returning a ball with a bat. Sand lot baseball gone awesome! Smash each pitch outside of the parking lot and into the st...

Winnie The Poohs Home Run Derby

5.89K Played0 Comments

Play some baseball with Winnie the Pooh! Clear a level by hitting the target number of home runs shown on the screen.

Pinch Hitter 2

18.20K Played0 Comments

A solid baseball game in which you have to fulfill several tasks like hitting a home run to complete the level. Use the mouse to aim and click to swing your bat at the right time.

Homerun Battle 3D

3.14K Played0 Comments

??Homerun Battle Series at its PEAK!?? ?20 Million Sluggers battling in 300 million match-ups!!? **Go Smash your homeruns NOW!!** Are you prepared to be the next batter up? Real-time Online Matchup Hom...

RotoWire.com Fantasy News Center

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RotoWire.com has developed a quick and easy-to-use app for fantasy sports fans. The app provides up-to-the-minute fantasy sports news and analysis. You can check out recent news and analysis for players ...

Big Money Baseball – Win Real Cash

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Swing for the fences and win real cash with Big Money Baseball! Hit it out of the park all day with this addicting slugger sim. Put your batting skills to the test and compete for real cash money in head-to-hea...

Texas Baseball

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Texas Baseball, the unofficial app of the Texas Rangers, keeps you on top of the latest Rangers news as it happens. Highlights: Easy to use interface, free of ads and clutter Rangers news and opinion L...

BUNT: The MLB Digital Baseball Trading Card Game

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Featured by Apple as a 'Best New App.' Topps BUNT, the exclusive digital trading card app of Major League Baseball, is the only real-time, real-world MLB digital trading card game where the cards you own and collect e...

Cincinnati.Com Reds Baseball

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Cincinnati Reds coverage from The Cincinnati Enquirer has never been better. Here we have all the latest news, headlines, opinions, blog posts, photos, videos, tweets, scores, stats and rosters for the Cincinnati Reds...

Baseball Sound Box

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Hit a grand slam with the new Baseball Sound Box for your iPhone! Simply tap any of the buttons to unleash classic in-game sounds from the diamond. A real stadium atmosphere that you can share with your friends, wit...

Atlanta Baseball – a Braves News App

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If you are an Atlanta Braves fan, you need the most complete news app for following the Braves and this is it! UPDATED FOR 2014 This free app for following Atlanta Braves baseball includes the latest baseball ...

Yahoo Fantasy Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball

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Not just any fantasy | The Best Fantasy Mobile App, FSTA Play Fantasy Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball all in one app. Easily switch between leagues and focus on what really matters-drafts, news, stat...

Homerun Battle 3D FREE

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??Homerun Battle Series at its PEAK!?? ?20 Million Sluggers battling in 300 million match-ups!!? **Go Smash your homeruns NOW!!** Over 10 MILLION players in more than 300 MILLION match-up games! Ar...

AllStar Pro Baseball

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LIMITED TIME 66% SALE, GET IT NOW AND DON'T MISS OUT !!! ============================== AllStar Pro Baseball FEATURES: - Real Mode ( PRO League(143), HOT League(72), COOL League(24), Practice ) - Hall ...

Baseball Gameplan with Jason Giambi

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? #1 Universal Baseball Video Instructional App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch ? Hard-hitting, fast-paced tips and drills from Jason Giambi & MLB Players From the makers of Golfshot: Golf GPS and Golfplan w...